Dealing with disrespectful children.

Last night was very difficult for me as a parent. May daughter decided to loose her whole mind. She coursed my wife out like she was some random person off the streets instead of her mother. When I step in to correct the issues as dad and as the men of the house I was met with, wAy are you escalating the situation. WHAT! She was raising up on my wife like she was going to put hands on her and I’m wrong. I just don’t know what to do. When I was high or drinking. When the bad behavior came about everyone was like your high or drinking that is why you are responding the way you are. But since I’ve been in recovery for some time. I’ve told everyone around me I’m done with the drama. I have set some boundaries in my life. I don’t step outside of them and I’m not going to let anyone cross them. Like I told my wife I will defend you tell the end. But don’t get upset, because I did. No won got hurt and the situation got defused after I put her out. But her mother let her back in to start the cycle over. Just can’t figure out what to do. My recovery comes first in my life. Because if I don’t have that. I lose everything thing else that I worked so hard to achieve. I’m praying and asking god for direction. But I’m feeling “Band new stupid” for counting to put myself in this situation. Sorry if I’m talking to much. Just needed to vent. 😎


6 thoughts on “Dealing with disrespectful children.

  1. First of all I want to commend you on your recovery from alcoholism because my Dad struggled with alcoholism most of his life (which is why I choose not to drink). He did accept Christ and stop drinking just a few months before his death.🙌🏿

    I will keep you and your family in prayer. I do understand there are challenges with children being disrespectful nowadays. (my daughter is 22).

    Keep trusting God. Boundaries in life are good. 🙏🏿

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      1. Hello pastor, my name is julie and im going though it with my teen duagther, i like to say, about that is , You are the man and father in the home , you have to sit both down, mother and child ,for the child to see and know you are in control of them both, for her to know that all going to be heard, mouths have to shut , when father have to come and correct it , if mother can not control, the situation, if child can not hear father and mother, then
        you both take the child to see what she will become,not behaving right ,like places ,the crazy home ,or places misbehave childern go , yes they need to see,where and why they go there ,and see that mother and father are important in they life but most important to obey , I lost a son to it ,Its hurt me every morning to not see him , his father never been his life ,just me , he lost his father at the age of 9 ,. Yes he had to see his father sick. He was lost without him , as a mother i can only control how much i can, i cant replace, his father , childen have to know what will happen when u dont obey ,thats the first commandment, and what happen when you do. Not to say it like a threat, but to understand why we are hear as mothers and fathers,, thats why i said show them, in 3D real life ,thats what it is , therapy , child cant learn it the hard way , even good childern take wrong turns and wrong decisions, just to know it can happen, I will pray for your beautiful family, may jesus bless your family with understanding and continuing blessing ,

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      2. Thanks for your insight. However, I’m dealing with a grown child, and a mother that will not stand with me. I love them both but they are putting me in a situation I really don’t want to be in. My wife is loving to a fault. Always trying to take on problems that aren’t hers. While avoiding the issues she needs to face. I live in a environment that. How should I put this. Never mind. Anyway I’m rambling. Thanks for your words. I’m still taking it to the lord in prayer. So I can make the best decision I can.


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