Being true to yourself in ministry.

I Thank God for this day and the revaluation that he gave me last night. That reviled it self this morning. I was working on my video podcast last night and it just wasn’t coming out the way I envisioned it. I was attempting to make it more like a church feel, if that makes since. Instead of speaking about something I know about for a perspective of my communication style. Bring God to the people not as a religion but as working model. That includes all people. By being free to be myself. God had to remind me that I have a purpose. That only I can fill and in order for it too work I have to be myself. It funny sometimes how God works. Because i had the episode ready to publish. But God made it so I couldn’t transfer the video to my computer. I’m grateful today because. I have working understanding of my purpose for Gods people. I am really excited and ready to put in the work. So with that being said. Get ready here comes a man of God. To GOD BE THE GLORY.


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