Just because they say they want to see you do better, doesn’t mean they do.

While in recovery you find out a lot about the people around you. The same ones that when you were doing not so well in your actions always had something to say. About what you should be doing and how disappointed they are in you. But when life is back on track and they can no longer use you as a excuse too be in the position they are in as far as not being happy. They find no joy in watching you succeed. It’s almost like they wished that you never overcame your defects of your mental condition so they would always have someone to look down soon and to disrespect. The sad thing is that the people I’m talking about are usually family. Be it parents, siblings, children. The list goes on and on. So to everyone that is in recovery. That deal in life without the support of loved ones. I commend you strength through the adversity you face not only from the fight you have the have with addiction or mental illness. No that you are not alone. We all have those same struggles. But let me say this. If nobody told you they love you today know that I do. I would also hope that anti that reads this that has a family member that is struggling with something of this nature. Remember this. All that person my need to continue to progress and get stronger in their recovery is a kind word or a chance to talk about their struggles without being criticized for having the addiction or shortcomings in the first place. Anyway. God bless and enjoy the day😎


4 thoughts on “Just because they say they want to see you do better, doesn’t mean they do.

  1. Sorry drop my iPad. But the one thing you don’t see in all of the so call support is that they are going through their own demons that they don’t want anyone to know about. So when you face your it takes away the cover they were using to hide there own problems. Love ya mom

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