Living life with a clear understanding.

Life and relationships are strange bed fellows. You hope to have a life full of strong meaningful relationships with people that add to your life’s experiences. But that is often not the case in a world full of deception and hate. Why do so many of us look to outside influences to make us happy. Yet never find any happiness in those things. The things that last no more than the time it takes to think about something else. Most people spend their lives in a constant state of unhappiness, disillusionment. Full of deception and lack of morality or integrity. Lost dreams and no clear understanding of the gift of life its self. I say this because this was once how I thought and felt. Like there was no place I belonged. There’s a lot of people that have felt as I once did and maybe still do. It is a lonely feeling to be in a room full of people that say they love you and still feel alone. Mental illnesses are often the cause of those feelings. However sometimes it’s just from a life of neglect and abuse. It is my prayer that anyone that is struggling with life and happiness. Give God a chance. I’m not saying, I don’t have any character defects. But I will say this with all confidence. That when I came to believe that God could and would restore me if I would just believe he loved me and would guide me out of my despair. Once I started moving In the direction God was guiding me things began to change. The way, I felt about myself and how I thought about my neighbors. Life is truly a gift. Life is worth living and happiness can be obtained. If we would just humble ourselves. Ask to be forgive and pray and Meditate on his word. Anyway. If no one told you they love you today know that I do. 😃

By Dante Craig Sr.


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