How frustrating it can be to have a conversation with someone with different view of anything in life because of the prejudice that we may carry for a person, place or thing we may be discussing. One thing stands out in particular, and that is a person view of religion. When we think of the difference we often think of thing like the view the Muslims take about God. (Allah) or the Catholics or the Jews. But what about the difference that Christians take towards the laws and practice of God. The things he considers an abomination, the things that are considered disrespectful of the Holy Spirit. How a child should be raised. The list goes on and on. However from my perspective there is only one God one baptism, and PUTTING GOD FIRST IS THE GREATEST LAW OF ALL. second is to love thy mai or as you love yourself. How do you feel about the issues I’ve brought to the table this morning? Please take the time to express your view. Have a blessed and productive day😇


10 thoughts on “Perception

  1. The Bible isn’t a storybook where we can “cherry pick” pick out what we like and leave out what we don’t like. It’s a book of teachings, letters and history that is meant to transform our lives. If we see the scriptures this way, Christians can free themselves from the confusion about what it means. We should also see the Bible as not just rules and regulations but of God’s people, wherein we find ourselves within it.

    The scriptures are written in a context, you have to know what, when, where and who it was written to that’s why it is so important to be in a “sound” biblical teaching ministry so that you may be able to rightly divided the Word of God. When Christians say, the Bible clearly says.. often times.what they really mean is “the way I interpret this verse allows me to feel justified in having this perspective. When you sit under a Pastor who has been trained and has given themselves over to the rigorous of study you know how to properly interpret the scriptures, you won’t find yourselves in arguments, because you understand that the scriptures teach that if someone doesn’t hear you shake the dust off and keep it moving (Matthew 10:14).

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    1. If what you say is true. Let me ask you this. Do you observe, Christmas or Easter? What is your view on Homosexuality? All of these go against what the word of God says. But yet they are practiced and even encouraged. By some as a form of self expression. The scriptures say to love thy neighbor as they self. Yet, Christian used the scriptures to hold slaves in submission. Used it to justify the abuse of so many. The Catholic’s killed more people in the name of religion during the crusades. I’ve said all of this for one reason. It’s all about how you view the world you live in. I is making personal belief, that the call has always been. Put God First in all your affairs and love one another. I say that because there are so many people that don’t have access to the word. Yet they live lives that make them honorable. The scriptures say the word should be written on your ❤️. Just something to think about. Have a blessed day 😎


      1. Yes you are correct, there have been some atrocious things done in the name of religion, however God’s Word still stands. Christmas and Easter are pagan holidays in that they are not celebrated in the scriptures nor do we see Jesus who is our paradigm espouse either of them. We indeed should have the word written in our hearts but as it relates to representing Christ the King to the world we must be lead by the Holy Spirit.

        My Apostle wrote a very interesting church history book called The Five Watersheds, I invite you to check it out for more information at

        Have a wonderful day man of God!

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  2. Yes there are a lot of things in our time that the bible “frowns upon”, but I attempt to refrain from passing judgement (even though the human mind naturally wants to). I just try to love people as they are, since I myself have much to work on, I am trying to work on myself at this time in my life and let God work on others. I must admit that sometimes I am in awe at the speed of which things are currently changing. In the healthcare field I see so much that sometimes I don’t know what to think…

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    1. I have a ministry that the lord allows me to manage. I really get a chance to see how those choices effect the spirit and the collateral damage it cause to families the don’t understand the life styles or the mind set evolved. It’s a difficult place to be. To love and be forgiving. While not excepting the choices. Thanks for the reply. Have a blessed and productive day😇

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