Something to think about.

Have you every heard the parable of the lost sheep. I’m betting you probably have, but have you ever really thought about the environment in witch the lamb resides? Probably not. Every thing in the environment demands something of the sheep. Whether it be, the wool. The trimming of the shrubs and vegetation and finally the ultimate sacrifice after being lead by the Judas goat to slaughter, for meat to put on the shepherds table. So what if that one sheep was aware enough to know the outcome and made a decision to leave. Only to be tracked down to be brought beck to once again to the very thing he was running from in the firstI place. I bring this up because there are two ways to look at that parable. One leads to life through death and the other leads to hell its self. So which direction does the sheep go. If he has never been included in the flock? How does he flee from the destruction. If he is always pursued to return to the flock that leads to destruction ? Just something to think about. Because that is part of the reason it is so difficult to change the perspective of so many caught up in destructive patterns. Either they don’t know how to leave, or they don’t know any different because the life they live is all they know. But sometimes they’re at peace living life how the spirit guides them. Not needing anyone to show them the way. Because they do what is right by staying focused on God. Just a thought. 🤔


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