When people have hurt us deeply.

The bitterness we experience threatens the recovery process because it causes us to blame others for our problems. It may scare us to think of forgiving those who have hurt us. We may be afraid that releasing our hatred will require us to condone the bad things people have done to us.

We cannot remove our bitterness on our own. And it will never be easy to accept that God wants to rescue even the people we hate. We must allow God to change our heart as we work toward forgiving those who have hurt us. This will take time. God asks only that we be willing to let him begin the work in our heart.

Learning to let go of the pain and the anger requires a lot of work. An understanding of why your angry? What part did you play? and is it really worth your time and energy to continue to carry the burden around with you? You have to learn to be honest with your self, in order to grow and understand.


5 thoughts on “When people have hurt us deeply.

  1. This is such a timely post for me…God working through you. I am currently and have been struggling with said issue and even though I have decided to let go and let God, I must say a few persons, mostly relatives have hurt me deeply and I feel used and discarded. While I’ve always tried to bring them along, it seems I’ve been living in an alternate universe.
    My human heart remembers and the anger begins to rise. I’m working on it though. WordPress has been a wonderful form of therapy for me.
    I feel I owe you for a session. But seriously, thank you for this message.

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  2. Excellent post ! God is so willing to help us truly forgive those who have hurt us. We can’t do this in our own strength. We need just tell God that we are willing to forgive. When He senses that we are sincere, the power of the Holy Spirit steps in to release us from our anger. Often this happens in stages, until we are truly free. Thanks ! God bless you. 🤗

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