Grant me the serenity.

Serenity prayer.

      As we pray the serenity prayer we learn to think in new ways. We learn to ask questions that will lead us away from our destructive past and into a productive future.

      We begin to ask, what changes I can make to improve my own situation. What things are beyond our control? What are our responsibilities in the situations we face? As we develop this new thought processes we may lack confidence in our own wisdom and common sense. We may hesitate to carry our gods will if we are afraid of the criticism of the people around us.

      Common sense could be defined as our ability to figure out in advance what the likely consequences of our choices and actions will be. We are told that “getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgment” (Proverbs 4:7). We can exercise our common sense by thinking about what we can do and then doing the things that we can. A women wanted to do something to demonstrate her love for Jesus.  So she poured some expensive perfume on his head. The disciples criticized her for doing this. Jesus came to her defense with these words. “Leave her alone. Why criticize her for doing such a good thing for me?  She has done what she could” (mark 14: 6-8). These are words we can cling to.

      God wants to renew our mind and help us develop wisdom and common sense. As we try to sort out our choices and develop common sense, people may criticize us. But we can trust that god will come to our defense as long as we do what scripture directs us to do.


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