Continue to do the next right thing.

Continuing to do the next right thing no matter what is not as easy as it might sound. It is a constant fight with the evil, resentment, anger and trust issues that lie within. Today is one of those days for me. I know that helping those that need my help today is the right thing to do. But because of how they feel about me and the contempt they have expressed towards me over time. It’s got me feeling some kind of way today. However I know the blessing lies in the struggle and the struggle is only possible because of the grace and mercy that God is showing me. With all that being said I will do what needs to be done for his name sake. Just for today I will continue to put God First in all my thoughts and actions. I will continue to do the next right thing. I will continue to keep my integrity intact. That God will be able to use me the way he sees fit.


2 thoughts on “Continue to do the next right thing.

  1. It’s so easy to get caught up in the opinions and actions of others. The devil wants to keep us silent. On those days, I remind myself purpose. My purpose is to help other addicts through my voice in writing. As long as I focus on that, I know I’ll be ok.

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    1. Purpose the thing most people spend their whole lives trying to find. The one thing I’ve learned along the way is my purpose is to serve God and stay within his will for my life. The mission that he gave me was to save as many as I can by letting his light shine in my life and on those he would have me to minister to. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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