A lovely day

ammo off the shelves

Started of this day feeling the pressure of change and the gravity of the moment not only in my life but of history in the making. Today I am so grateful that I have out grown my own stupidity and childish thoughts that once dominated my life. As a black man I find myself very uneasy right now. Knowing that the true hate that is in America is about to raise it head again in a way few are prepared for. The hate I’m talking about is the one where those of the white communities would rather see are country burn to the ground with the death and destruction of people of color. Particularly my people. Then to change the mindset and direction of the country. I find myself praying more then ever, while at the same time preparing for war. The protection of my family and my community. I see all the races buying all the ammo and weapons of war off the shelves. The churches are empty. The love for one another is at a all time low. Respect for life is at a all time low. I am constantly reminded when I look at the penny with Lincoln head facing the opposite direction then any other US currency. It faces that way because they said he turned his back on the country by abolishing slavery. Anyway thats a conversation for another time. So with all these thoughts going through my mind this morning one of my all time favorite songs comes on the radio. Lovely day by Bill Withers. This song always seems to come on every time I’m feeling some kind of way and helps me put things in perspective. I am reminded that God can an will change things if it be his will. So with that being said. I will continue to put God first in all my dealings. Continue to do the next right thing and keep my Integrity intact. My God be with us all as we go through this together or apart.


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