Anger issues while in recovery

Anger can be a double-edged sword. This emotion may precipitate your drug or alcohol use—you may abuse these substances as a way to temper the effects of this emotion and other stressful situation (Self-medicating) or this emotion may arise from the drug use itself. As the substance abuse wreaks havoc on your life, you may become angry at yourself and feel responsible for the damage it’s incurring. 

Unfortunately for, this anger doesn’t go away when a person stops using. Some people may have struggled with this emotion for a large part of their life, whereas for others the emotion may revolve around the lingering effects of the substance abuse—even though they are in recovery, many people still contend with the offer effects and emotional impact of the Substance abuse. For many this is because it is the first time in a long time that they are dealing with their life without the influence of drugs or alcohol, so they’re seeing and feeling things more acutely. The American psychological association.

    The thing that I found difficult was dealing with the onslaught of new emotions the ones that I had abandoned for so long that I had forgotten that they where there at all. It made it hard just to watch a movie, talk to people about my pain inside without just breaking down in tears. It was also like that when I was happy. The emotions of joy were so great, that I couldn’t stop crying. It was a great feeling, but a scary one as well. The problem, I was facing was that I hadn’t learned to deal with my emotions as well as not knowing how to express them. This became frustrating.  Which led me back to being angry because I felt no one understood and no one cared. They might not have understood how I was feeling. But I later came to the understanding that they cared. I just did not understand why.


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