Don’t believe the hype.

Don’t believe for one moment that people that deal with addictions are not able to change. However that change comes at a price. Many family members of the addict are not willing to face their own struggles. The members of the family have to be open and willing to change themselves. Form their own addictive behaviors. We as addicts understand that there are a lot of people that may never forgive us for the things we have done to them and to ourselves. But it is that forgiveness that is required if long-standing recovery is possible. That forgiveness I’m talking about is the ability to forgive ourselves. To step past the shame and resentment that we hang onto. I personally had to come to grips with the sexual assault I received at the hands of a family member when I was young. The abuse that was inflicted on me by family members The lies that where told and believed because it was easy to believe do to my condition. So as an addict in recovery. I had too be willing to forgive, in order to be forgiven. But let me say this. That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but it allowed me to grow. It also allowed me to be present in the moment. It also allowed me to mature. I was no longer trapped in my pain. I now find myself in a position to help those that fight the same fight. To show by example that there is a better way of life and that starts with putting God First in everything I do. So when they say people that deal with addictions can’t change. Look at those people with a forgiving heart. Then pray for them. Because they are more then likely fighting something themselves.


2 thoughts on “Don’t believe the hype.

  1. I was just saying today that I can only be responsible for my behaviors and attitudes but other people play a role too. No behavior comes from nothing… it’s really hard work to see our faults, overcome them, and change what we must to live the life we believe in. Thanks for sharing this message!

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