When is God enough

Today has been a very interesting day for me. I’m a people watcher. I like to set back and watch how people interact with one another. The games they play. The roles they take on depending on their environment. Always in pursuit of more this or more that. Never satisfied with the things they have or who they are. However the one thing I didn’t see, was people showing genuine affection for one another. Always taking never giving. I sat and I wondered where’s the joy. Where’s the hope. Where’s the laughter. Where’s God. Why do we try so hard to seek something that will never last and will only provide a fleeting moment of satisfaction before it becomes old and we’re looking for something else to fill the void in ourselves. I too have found myself never happy with the things I have. Until I was able to find what was truly important in my life. That one thing was a relationship with my Heavenly Father. I’m not trying to through religion down anyone’s throat. However, there has to be something inside of you that drives you to find something better. Some inner peace something that quickens your spirit. Something that wakes the spirit inside of you up. Makes the sky look a little bluer than normal. Makes the grass just a tad bit greener. Something that stops you dead in your tracks and makes you say. My God! My God! What a beautiful and perfect creation. In Genesis 1:26-31. I read out of a life recovery bible. And here’s the summary it gives. “God distinguished between the human race and the rest of creation. He made us in his very image, with capacities far beyond those of mere animals. God was (and is) excited about us! He gave us responsibilities to reflect his own nature in all of creation. When he had created us he was proud of what he had made!”WOW!! What a blessing. So in conclusion let me say this. The next time you see someone you might not like or agree with. Rich or poor. Try to see the God in him or her. Because by doing so, you will start to see the God in you.

Dante Craig Sr



5 thoughts on “When is God enough

      1. Sure! For me two things that have worked the best are blogging consistently (what ever schedule you decide upon just be consistent with it.) And also interacting with other bloggers through reading their post and commenting is a big help. Six months ago I had 49 followers and from doing these things I’ve increased to over 400. I’m enjoying your posts and will share your blog with the community in a post later this week. Below is a recent post with some tips from another blogger. Hope this helps!


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