God picks us up.

Gods great power over the natural world. Yet even though his majesty is greater than any words can describe, he knows and loves each of us. Knowing how powerless we are over the problems we face should make us realize that we need to turn our life over to him, the one who is all powerful. He is the only one able and willing to help us.

What joy and gratitude we feel when God picks us up and does not allow our problems to defeat us! One of the hard lessons to learn during recovery is how to delay gratification. We may go through some long, dark nights struggling with temptation before we experience the joy of victory. But the Lord will not let our enemy triumph over us. When we do finally overcome, the joy of success will only be that much sweeter. Sometimes we may be in the most danger when we become over confident. When everything in our lives are going well. We think that nothing can happen to us. But pride and arrogance usually come before a fall. Sometimes God allows us to go our own way and suffer the consequences so we will learn that we can’t make it alone. We will succeed in recovery only when we learn to rely completely on God and follow his plan.


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