Under attack

The more things change the more things stay the same. Once upon a time when my life was out of control. Every one was happy to have me in that place so they would have someone to blame and look down upon. However now that my life is no longer out of control, the bitterness,and hatred is constantly thrown in my direction. I’m starting to wonder if these issues can ever be corrected or should I just walk away. Maybe they would feel better and I can remove myself from the attacks that have been coming my way. Life in recovery is difficult and not always full of promising relationships. So I continue to look to God for some direction. Because what I want to do, might not be the best decision? God has been blessing me in ways I never thought possible. I try to share that love and joy that I feel with those around me. But it seems at time that they wound rather stay in that pain instead of finding the strength that is required to move past it. What I mean by that is this. Understanding where that anger is coming from? Is it worth holding on to? What role have I played in making the situation better or worse?what can I do to make the situation better or should I leave it in the past. So I continue to pray for understanding. Knowing that, these situations have been placed here to help me grow and mature in my faith. Like it say in the scriptures. For this is the day the Lord has made so let us rejoice and be glad in it. With that being said I continue to put God First in all my dealings. I continue to do the next right thing and I will continue to keep my integrity intact. Always remembering from where my help comes from. Not from man but from God himself.


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