As my 49th birthday approaches. My thoughts this morning are centered on how much time has past. How much time has been wasted in the lives of my family. Life to this point has been full of drama. Lives filled with resentment towards one another. Never truly taking the time to truly love one another. However on this day I have a new since of hope, that my family is working through the anger and resentment. This year for my birthday I’ve asked my family to spend some time with me at my fathers house. To be able to see them all together enjoying each other’s company and hopefully begin the process of healing through forgiveness. Now that I truly understand the power in forgiveness it is my hope and prayer that we will learned to forgive one another while we still have time. Having a full understanding that learning to love one another requires faith that God loves us and forgives us. By allowing us the grace to correct our paths. It is the grace, we should have for one another. Today I am grateful for all those that I have opportunity to love and cherish in my life. While it is today. For tomorrow is not promised and yesterday has already passed. So, I will be grateful in this moment for those I still have in my life and grateful for the time spent with those that have moved on. I will always be grateful for the time. Thank you for spending a few moments out of your day. To read what’s on my heart this morning. May you have a blessed and productive day. Keep Putting God First. 😇


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