As the world turns.

I had a hard time sleeping last night. Thinking about what lies ahead for my family and for everyone else in the world dealing with the same set of issues. A dramatic life changing event. An event that will touch everyone in some way. I understand that natural disasters come and go The thing that I’m struggling with is that feeling in my spirit that this was done on purpose. To harm the people as a way of downsizing the population. I could be wrong? However, I believe that God has a plan I just do not understand what that is. I look at my children and grandchildren. I truly worry about the world that they will inherit. A world where love and compassion and respect for your fellow. Struggle to maintain some sort of footing. In a world where hate, greed, destruction of the morale fiber of humanity rule the day. I don’t know? Maybe these are just sentimental emotions from a middle aged man that has struggled with mental illness and addiction. Finally living life the right way. Being a husband, father, son, brother that I have always wanted to be. The man Gods will is making me into. So because of the struggles, God has allowed me to learn some valuable skills that can be brought to bare to help my family in this time of change and uncertainty. Those skills are 1.prayer. 2. Understanding. 3. Compassion for others. 4. Courage to continue to move in the spirit. Life goes on and so do my prayers. Not only for myself but for humanity in general. Be grateful for this day. Be happy in this day. Show compassion and love for others in this day. Be forgiving of others in this day. Because tomorrow is promised to no one. Keep Putting God First. Continue to do the next right thing. Keep your integrity intact. My God bless and keep you.


2 thoughts on “AS THE WORLD TURNS.

  1. My sleep has been uprooted as well. I’ve even been having using dreams which is usually my subconscious telling me I’m more stressed than I might think or feel while awake. I just started a similar writing on how my addiction/recovery has helped me function in a time like this because I have already been part of an epidemic and am surviving. We have tools we’ve been using all along. The biggest one is letting go and letting God. True test of faith for sure.

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