Appreciate the moment.

I was walking away from the movie theater with my wife today and a thought happens to cross my mind. “What a beautiful day to be alive.”I found myself thinking about all the things I’ve been through in my life. All the pain and disappointment as well as all of the good time and blessings of a life lived. Not always good or bad. Not always right or wrong. Just a life lived. Then another thought hit me. How grateful I am to be alive to see this day. To still be in my right mind ( MOST OF THE TIME). To still be In Pretty good health and to still have my beautiful wife by my side. If it wasn’t for Gods grace and mercy, there would have never been a day so beautiful, like this one for me. Sometimes you just have to slow down and be present in the moment long enough. To truly see the beauty that shows its self in each and every moment. All you really need to do, is be willing to see it. What a beautiful day. What a beautiful day indeed. To God be the Glory.


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