The truth

The reason so many people fear black men in hoodies or any one else for that matter is because there are so many crimes committed by people wearing hoodies. I too as a 6’5” black male also get uncomfortable when I see someone with a hoodie on approaching me at night. It puts me on guard because I have had some experience growing up in a environment where many people carry guns while wearing them. So when our young men and women run around wearing hoodies and their pants hanging around their ankles there asking to be labeled. There was a time when self respect was very important. Where parents would not allow our children to go out in public looking like they this generation. The easiest way to stop the stereotype is to change the song that is playing. Wake up. Let’s us instill a higher since of self worth in our children. To keep them safe in a environment that labels them. If our youth want to express themselves. Let the do it through education. By uplifting our communities. By not buying into this fantasy world that is promoted by record labels mixed in with gang a penitentiary culture. So let’s work on changing our own perspective to change the narrative.


4 thoughts on “The truth

  1. “So let’s work on changing our own perspective to change the narrative.” – Yes, we’re on the same page! A new perspective – the divine perspective 😉 – can change everything.

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  2. Having grown up a white child living in a racially mixed neighborhood, I understand exactly what you are saying about appearances forcing the label. I got myself out of that neighborhood through education and family. Your post is spot on!
    I also am intrigued to find your experience and mine are similar despite our racial differences. Thank you for the education!

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    1. Thanks for your response and your understanding. If we take the time to listen to one another. We might just find we like each other. If know one told you I love you today. Know that I do. Have a blessed and productive day 😇


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