Why is it the so many so called followers of Christ, spend so much time in social media and so little time in prayer and meditation? Why do we as Christians make time for everything else in are day, except to help someone or give a word of encouragement. Time is something we all need to be mindful of. Because how is it going to feel if you get to the gates and the seals of the book of life are opened and Jesus says. I see you have had no time for me, or for anyone in need. I now have no time for you. Just think about it.


2 thoughts on “Time.

  1. We are becoming a digital age, well, actually we are already there. The digital shift has its pros and cons. And we must learn to use it responsibly not use it as a scapegoat.

    I recently became aware of something about myself….I spend a ridiculous amount on time on social media which is one of the reason I am on a social media detox. It’s been a month since I’ve broke away. The only platform I’m using is Twitter for my blog posts.

    Social media is not a bad thing, but when we are spending more time on Facebook than time in prayer, reading the Word..something is wrong. So I analyzed why I spent so much time on social media. What draws me to social media?

    I dare to say that I believe that there are others with a response similar to mine. I spend so much time on social media because it makes me feel validated. People with a simple click of the like button affirm what I’m saying. By “liking,” commenting or sharing my posts you have just said, “I value what Kim Petitt has to say.” You may get a chuckle out of that but we all get a little self-esteem boost when people like our comments or our photos.

    Then I started to analyze another question: Why do I need to feel validated? The honest answer is if I need people’s approval then I don’t see myself as God sees me. Please hear me: I am a Kingdom Citizen, I love God and I am assured of my salvation. What I’m saying is when I feel the need to get my approval from social media, I am forgetting that God has already approved me because of death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

    Through the death of Jesus, He paid for my past, present and future sins and God has declared me righteous and that’s why I can go boldly before His throne.. I don’t need to seek the approval or affirmation of people because God my Heavenly Father, calls me the “apple of His eye.”

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