When the time comes.

When the time comes to step into the anointing that God has for you. Will you be ready? Will you recognize that it is God that sets the path that is in front of you? The scriptures say. When you put your hands to the gospel plow. Turn your head not to the right or the left. For he that does is not worthy of the kingdom. With that being said it is truly important to know thy self. To not be pulled to the left or the right. To be a servant of God with integrity, love and compassion. Knowing always to look towards God for all understanding. Be patient in all things. Never be quick to anger. Be slow to speak unless your spirit is moved to say what God would have you to say. On this day, ask God. To manifest himself in your life. Ask the Lord to make your path straight and clear. If God calls your name don’t be afraid to answer. For it is truly a blessing at the end of your days , God may say. Welcome home. My faithful and humble servant. Have a blessed day. If no one has told you today. I love you. Know that I do. 😁


4 thoughts on “When the time comes.

    1. I that you are as well. Continue to be the woman of God. That you are, continuing to grow and to be a blessing to all God would have you to bless with a cheerful heart. My God bless and keep you.

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