On this day

Every day for me brings new challenges. Many of them are very new to me. I find myself challenging, in my own mind the, action of others and the impact that their movements have, on how I view them. I am finding it very hard to reason why those close to me, seem to believe that their lack of consideration for me is Ok. I find myself praying for them and for me more and more that I may find a better way of dealing with this time in my life without being resentful, as well as extremely withdrawn from them, as a way of protecting my sobriety as well as my mental state. God continues to show me so many things that I once over looked and I find myself distressed and sometimes lowly of heart. However I continue to be strong and of good courage. Prepared for battle in front of me. Dawned in the full armer of God. For if. God is with me who will stand against me. For it is Gods will not mine that with rule the day. To God be the glory.


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