Do what is right.

To always do the right thing is not quite as Eazy as it might sound. On my journey to become the man of God that God would have me to be. I sometimes find it difficult to be forgiving. Sometimes I have to stop and monitor my own prejudices when trying to be understanding of another’s struggles and short comings. I often have to remind myself that I to fall shot. That I to need people to show me compassion and patience. I at times find myself angry and impatient with others. However what I have learned on this journey is God is able to right the ship if I am willing to continue to put him first in all my actions. I alway have to remind myself of the word that God has give me. Continue to put me first in all your actions. Continue to do the next right thing. No matter how I feel about it and to always keep your integrity in tact and I will open the doors of haven for. So I continue the journey, knowing that He is with me. In the mist of my struggles as we as the joy that comes in the morning. To everyone that has taken the time to read this and those that have not. My God bless and keep you in your journey. So remember to keep the faith.


5 thoughts on “Do what is right.

  1. Yes, you’ve said a real mouth full my dear brother. It is hard to forgive those who’ve hurt us with the things they’ve done to us. But also as you stated so well in your message. We must choose to “Do The Right Thing” an sometimes it want be easy either.

    That’s why in our faith walk or personal relationship with our grand Lord and Savior. We must allow room for God’s divine discipline in others life. I’ve learned over the years that when I truly turn to the Lord God for inner strength. He always shows up in my life at just the right time.

    My dear brother thanks for sharing your inner self with each of us. I really enjoyed reading this post. Simply because I always find something useful in everything I read. Once again. Thanks. God bless.

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