Step one.

It is my belief that there is a great deal that can be learned from working the 12 steps, every now and then. I have also came to believe there is a great deal that can be gained, when families’ work through the steps together. Step work, works on any issue a person my find themselves struggling with. Its a great tool for grounding yourself by offering a additional tools to open the mind the body and the soul to change.  By taking the time to work through the steps you may learn something new about yourself as I have.

Step one. (We admitted we were powerless over are dependency—that our lives have become unmanaged). REF. Mathew 9:36

Step one asks us to confront the chaos and the unmanageability of our dependent life styles.  The paradox of every addiction is the more we try to compulsively control ourselves through the practice of addiction, the more out of control our lives spin. 

    In what counterfeit ways do we for interior security through codependent manipulation of the outside world?  We may struggle desperately through our perfectionism or workaholism to win the praise and approval of our fellows.  We may become preoccupied through hypochondria with health and bodily functions in pursuit of a kind of physical immortality and invincibility.  We may strive to shore up our own fragile self-esteem by allowing a love partner to become the only source of affirmation for our worth.

    In the depths of our dependency.  We are like sheep, weary and scattered.  Scripture assures us that the true Shepherd, Jesus Christ, views this human discord and fragmentation with deep compassion. The 12 steps recovery allows us to confront compassionately but firmly our own human manageability.


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