Moving past

It is truly a blessing to be able to grow and mature. To be able to change how we view the world and our place in it. I believed when I was a young man that, there’s no way drugs and alcohol was stunting my growth. But as I look back over my life. I can see the pattern of destruction and bad decisions caused by a teenager out of control. Twenty plus years is a long time to stay sixteen. So today I am very grateful to everyone in my life that gave me the chance to grow up. Those that stood with me when I was going through the fire. That walked with me when we where all lost in the valley. So today as I continue on this path, to be a man of integrity, strong and confident. A man that is working hard to help others find there way out of the valley. Strange thing about growing up. You begin to realize that this thing called life is meant to be lived and experienced through the spirit not just the flesh. Anyway just letting my thoughts flow. Just taking a moment to reflect on the lessons learned before I walk through the next door in my life. To this point it’s been one hell of a ride. However the journey of adulthood is just beginning.


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