Our will.

Turning our will over to God means turning away from the kind of of people who draw us into temptation. There is no better source of wisdom and direction than the word of God. When we fail to study and apply Gods word, we tend to drift through life. We are tossed by every new fad and philosophy that comes our way. Recognizing our sins and being willing to change our sinful ways is the only way to avoid Gods judgement. Gods wants us to live a Godly life. But if we refuse to work on removing our character defects that slow the recovery process, we will certainly suffer the consequences. (Life Recovery)


4 thoughts on “Our will.

  1. Turning our will over to God can be the most challenging thing for some. It means we put God’s will ahead of our own. It not a suggestion, Jesus said, If any man come after me let him first deny himself pick up his cross and follow me (Mark 8:34).

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